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'The positive ripple created by Dance Phaze will be felt for years and generations to come!' 

Alison Dodd

 Parent of Maisie Lovegrove

Our Dance Phaze Journey so far... 

Founded in 2009 by Faye Cottrell, Dance Phaze was created to inspire young people to engage and enjoy Dance. Over the years, Dance Phaze has grown massively. From our first weekly class with just 9 seniors to what is now a team of 250+ committed and focused dancers. We provide a timetable of 15 weekly classes, exploring dance styles such as Street Dance, Musical Theatre and Contemporary along with our Cheer Phaze Squads. 

Dance Phaze aims to support each and every dancer to inspire, enjoy and to achieve a successful dance journey. We aim to provide ongoing opportunities for our dancers including a calendar of performances each and every year. We pride ourselves on supporting the local community by performing at school events, charitable occasions and theatre showcases, whilst continuously working on our very own theatre shows which we stage every 9 months or so. The scale of these shows has grown over the years and each show weekend is now a true highlight in every DP family calendar.

Alongside our show weekends, we also provide additional theatre performance opportunities throughout the year, including our own Creative Explosion and Send Off platforms whilst also supporting external organisations with their own shows, including the London West End Young Performers, Avenue Dance Company and Basingstoke Variety Show. Each summer we are invited to perform at a large number of local events, including the local primary school fetes and the Tadley Treacle Fair, as well as larger scale events such as Basingstoke Festival, BLOVE and Fluid Motion’s All in the Mind Festival. We have also been fortunate enough to be invited to perform at more formal events including Basingstoke’s Place to be Proud of Awards. 

Creating memories is our second favourite thing at DP, dancing being the first of course. Whether it's laughing in class, messing around backstage or smiling our hearts out on stage, there is always fun to be had. The nurturing and supportive environment allows our dancers to conquer those moments of self-doubt, build up an air of reliance and step out of their comfort zone with confidence and self-belief. The extended experiences at Dance Phaze allow dancers to create memories that will last forever such as parading down the road and performing on a West End stage. Strong relationships  are built and true friendship blossom at Dance Phaze, making the whole experience feel way more than just an extra-curricular activity. 

We pride ourselves on creating a supportive teaching environment to sculpt our dancers into confident and courageous young people. We endeavour to create a family atmosphere whilst remaining professional and inclusive at all times. We hope that everyone involved with Dance Phaze finds the enthusiasm of our DP Team simply contagious whilst finding the high octane energy of dancers truly inspiring. 


Interested in joining Dance Phaze?

We are always keen to build and expand our yellow world, so if you would like to find out more about joining Dance Phaze and our class availability, please don't hesitate to contact us now...

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